I want to ensure that our users take full advantage of creating a website
by making the process more enjoyable, efficient, and easy.


I majored in Graphic Design at the University in South Korea and started to working at Rheebros.,Inc. branch in South Korea as a graphic designer. And while I was working, I also studied design marketing at Hanyang University Graduate School in South Korea. Also, I completed the calligraphic specialist course at Pilmuk Calligraphic School. I have not neglected my constant efforts for self-development.

I mainly focused on package design and graphic design at Rheebros., Inc. in South Korea. And while I was working with the photography team, I was involved in different kinds of projects about food photograph.

I have moved from Rheebros.,Inc branch in South Korea to headquarter in Maryland at 2010 and I started to work as a designer in United States of America. I have worked in a variety of areas including web design, package design and advertising design and more in Rheebros., Inc. headquarter.
I have moved my residence to New York for a variety of experiences and self-development. And then I have worked at a famous cosmetic company in South Korea (MISSHA) as a senior designer, FrontEnd Developer and a Photographer for 5 years.

Currently, I am a designer and web program developer, photographer, and general manager at OLL International LLC. In addition, I develop and manager Intersolu, a program that allows people to easily and quickly create websites. I am also working on developing and managing JBeautyBest.com, a website for blogs and product sales for cosmetic in Japan.

From now since 2006, I have continued activities in designer and self-developing without a single blank period for about 13 years. I think that my various experiences will help your development.



  • Until now, it has been used mainly as a photographer for product shooting and SNS image shooting, and it is possible to produce images and images necessary for various designs.
  • - Product Images
  • - Food & Grocery Images
  • - Social Media Profile Pictures and etc.


Web design &
Front-End development

  • - Web Design Services
  • - Magento E-commerce Development
  • - Shopify E-commerce Development
  • - Wordpress Website Development
  • - Promotional Design


Package Design &
Graphic Design

  • - Pacakge Design
  • - Advertisement Design
  • - CI & BI Design
  • - Brochures & Flyer & Poster Design and etc.